Pastoor Consult advises and supports companies in the field of new energy. This new energy takes the form of steam and electricity originating from waste. Pastoor Consult also provides tailor-made advice for market parties involved in the production of secondary fuels and waste processing. Pastoor Consult identifies new markets and opportunities for the sale of secondary fuels in the international cement industry and energy.

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Pastoor Consult also mediates between suppliers and buyers of secondary fuels and biomass.

Pastoor Consult consistently seeks and identifies new opportunities and solutions in the field of energy. With its substantial specific expertise, the consultancy is always at the cutting edge of the market. Pastoor Consult is an authority in the field of energy extracted from waste.
A large international network enables Pastoor Consult to put its clients in contact with the right parties quickly and effectively.

Pastoor Consult is the address for:

  • research and consultancy in the field of energy extracted from waste
  • governmental lobby for permits and subsidies
  • location analyses and support for a new establishment
  • representation in consultative bodies
  • business development and the sale of secondary fuels and biomass

Developing new incineration plants

Pastoor Consult was closely involved in the development of the first incineration plant of a large German energy company (EON) in the Netherlands. This new plant produces energy in the form of process steam from the incineration of waste products, for a number of chemical companies. This was previously produced using natural gas.

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The company was not only jointly responsible for project development and the construction of this new plant, but also for contracting customers, the sale of electricity and process steam, and the acquisition of suppliers of waste.

Providing insight into alternative fuels

Pastoor Consult also advises companies on the market development regarding co-incineration in energy plants in Europe and further afield.

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This concerns providing information and supervision of coal and lignite fuelled plants, on the use of alternative or secondary fuels during incineration, which neutralises harmful substances and transforms them into usable energy. This is cost effective, better for the environment and safe.

Advising cement factories in solid fuels

Pastoor Consult advises cement factories in Europe and Africa, who wish to start using alternative fuels alongside the usual coal or pet coke. These secondary fuels have a calorific value comparable to that of coal, and are made from paper, plastics and textiles.

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Pastoor Consult also advises Dutch and international companies on the trade in raw materials for these solid fuels, and brings them in contact with companies within and outside Europe.

Recycling of gypsum waste

Gips Recycling International is a company dedicated to the environmentally friendly processing of gypsum waste.
Geert Jan Pastoor has been identifying new outlets for gypsum powder for branches in different countries.
The contacts he has within his network have enabled him to set up or expand the recycling of gypsum waste in several European countries.

Cement plant in Romania

A cement plant in Romania was looking for secondary fuels.
Pastoor Consult placed a carcass rendering company in contact with this cement plant. The cement plant is now using animal meal as a fuel.
A new item is a company in Romania that turns industrial waste into fuel. Pastoor Consult is seeking sales channels for this product.

Recycling wind turbine blades

When old wind turbines are "repowered", the question of what needs to be done with the old wind turbine blades is unavoidable. This is a topical issue which is also becoming increasingly relevant to offshore wind farms.
The company's resolute director, Geert Jan Pastoor, decided to look for a solution to this question.

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Pastoor Consult bv started a partnership for the Dutch market with a German company which has developed a shredder for recycling old materials. The large rotor parts, made from fibreglass, are sawn into smaller parts on location with a mobile sawing system, after which they are taken to the factory, where the parts are shredded in a modern system. The material is then dried mechanically, resulting in a high-quality replacement material for applications in the cement sector.

This special material can not only replace primary fuels such as coal in cement production, but also primary raw materials and special types of sand. Because of its cooperation with its partner company Holcim, the reuse of this substitute is ensured on a long-term basis. This system does not leave behind any residual products, and guarantees that worn wind turbine blades are 100% recycled.

Energy consumption quick scan

A large chemical company was paying a lot for the gas, electricity, steam and compressed air needed for its production processes. The management asked Pastoor Consult to analyse the energy requirement and costs. In just a few days Pastoor Consult had clarified the situation and advised the management on the cost-efficient purchase of energy.


Pastoor Consult adopts an open approach characterised by transparency and pragmatism and the ability to share in the client's thought processes. Many years of international experience culminate in a flexible and respectful approach to discussion partners abroad.

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Pastoor Consult also stands for: reliability, drive, a pioneering spirit and broad expertise in sales and marketing.
Pastoor Consult offers immediate transparency about the type of service and the fee. The agreements are laid down in a contract.

Abridged CV

Pastoor Consult was founded in 2005 by Geert Jan Pastoor, who is the company's director and proprietor.

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Education and work experience

Geert Jan Pastoor (Workum, 1963) studied agriculture, business-economics, environmental management and business administration at institutes of higher education in the north of the Netherlands.
He has worked as an arable farming spokesman and specialised in vegetable growing with the legal predecessor of the agricultural cooperative Agrifirm. During the period from 1993 to 2003 he started as an account and product manager, rising to the position of Business Manager Germany at Vuilafvoer Maatschappij (VAM) in Wijster and in the latter years at Essent Milieu. During that period he gained experience of secondary fuels and biomass and of countries including Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Voluntary work

Geert Jan Pastoor was and is an active (voluntary) director and has built up a large network in that area, which includes the political arena.


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